Memory Care Day Program


Professional care for those with Dementia



Day Program

Provides a warm, open and inviting environment where individuals with Alzheimer’s or other dementia related illness can feel a sense of purpose and dignity, without the “clinical” feel of a doctor’s office or nursing home.  Encouraging, stimulating, and enjoyable programs designed and proven to enhance quality of life will fill the space.


Fort Mill, SC

We are working on an intitial space and will provide additional details soon.


Monday – Friday 10am – 4pm

We expect to operate during these hours once we open.


Dementia Patients and Caregivers

We are Here for Caregivers

The day program lets caregivers take a break from the emotional and physical stress that accompanies caring for someone with dementia. While here, your loved will be in a safe, caring, and constructive environment.  This allows you time to tend to your own needs, enjoy social time with friends or just rest. 

The program also includes ongoing caregiver education on helpful topics from Sun Downing to Personal Hygiene. We offer support groups for spouses and adult children, as well as help finding additional elderly care related resources, including elder law attorneys.

Programs and Services

Memory Exercises and Socialization

Cognitive stimulation can help reduce decline or produce short-term improvements in mental function. Our person-centered daily routines incorporate Cognitive Stimulating Programming that use technology and help create a sense of purpose while preserving dignity.

Music and Art Therapy

Music and art help provide calming and are outlets for expression. The daily programs are taught by Dementia trained professionals to enhance brain stimulation with positive outcomes.


Physical activity is essential to brain and overall health. It helps maintain blood flow to the brain and may stimulate brain cell growth. Our activities included fun, muscle-stimulating exercises that promote strength, balance and fall prevention. We might do chair exercises, dance, yoga, walking or even chair volleyball.

Health and Wellness Support

We have an RN on site to assist with medication and care management. Our program includes a Quarterly Assessment and Family Care Meetings to support their journey. Brain healthy meal choices are selected with collaboration from a dietician. Your loved one will also receive spiritual support from local ministers and churches.